Riot Pre- Impact Supplements

Flavour: Grape Grenade
Sale price$79.95


When it's time to level up, Riot is your go-to pre workout.

Riot is a high stimulant powerhouse pre trainer designed to give you the most intense energy and euphoric feeling. When taken prior to training, this high energy formula contains ingredients that increase vasodilation and nootropics for laser-like focus. 

Beta-Alanine enhances muscular endurance alongside Taurine which reduces muscle fatigue, so you can  train harder for longer

For a skin-splitting muscle pump, L-Arginine and Agmatine increase vasodilation and energy through the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, while Glycersize and Betaine provide hydrated, pumped muscles.

Riot Pre Workout Supplement contains walnut bark (Juglans Regia), a psychoactive stimulant that enhances both energy and mental alertness, combined with Theobroma Cacao Extract to release endorphins.

This high stimulant also consists of vitamins B3 & B12 to help level out the stimulants for longer lasting energy without a crash.

WARNING* This is an extremely high stimulant based pre trainer. Do not consume more than 1 scoop.

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