What exactly is the NXTGEN Challenge?
Put simply its a supportive and fun 10 week diet, fitness and lifestyle course that helps people on their health and fitness goals. We provide you with a super easy, not boring and tasty meal plan that updates every 2 weeks over the course of the challenge. On top of this we also have a easy to follow training app which has workouts set for each day of the challenge along with video demonstrations, reps, sets, rest days and much more! You are more than welcome to do your own training and workouts the only thing we ask is you follow the meal plan and ensure you are doing enough physical activity to go along with your plan outlined at the start of the challenge.

How is it run?
Everything is posted within our closed and private facebook group. In here you will find all of the diet plans, training plans, link to the app, tips and tricks and much more. The community in this group is like no other and will help anyone that is in need, whether its a training buddy, questions on the diet or if they are feeling lost. Each nxtgen challenge has between 700-1000+ members so you have a whole team of likeminded people to support and uplift you. If you dont have facebook thats ok, what many have done in the past is create a dummy account for the challenge to access everything they need and then deleted it after.

What are the meal plans like?
This is the biggest question we get from new people wanting to sign up. We work along side an accredited dietician to not only provide healthy and nutritious meals, but also recipes and meals that our challengers will look forward to eating. This isn’t a plan of boring chicken and broccoli!! Previous challengers meal plans have foods such as tacos, pizza, paddle pops, pancakes, wraps, chocolate chips and so much more! We also offer vegan and vegetarian options for those that live this type of lifestyle.
Our main goal with the meal plan is to make it simple, we know most of our challengers have families and work long hours so we need to make sure the meals are easy and tasty so they can stay on track.
We do things differently to most challenges in that we dont starve people with low calories, its not sustainable and its not healthy, we start the foods higher and slowly taper off, and our results speak for themselves.

Do I need to be super fit? Whats the training/exercise like?
Not at all, many new challengers have not been into a gym before or in many years, we understand this and we like to say that this challenge is to be used as a stepping stone to getting your healthy lifestyle back. Now of course we have some experienced fitness challengers, ex bodybuilders and cross fitters but everyone runs their own race. We have had SO many challengers in the past who set the goals to walk 30 minutes a day and stick to the food plan and achieved absolutely amazing results. You dont have to over think the exercise part, you dont need to sign up to a gym if you dont want to, you do what you feel comfortable with and raise the bar each week.
We also work with some of the best gyms and personal trainers in the industry so we can always help you find the right person to suit your experience level and goals.

How are the winners judged?
We go off before and after photos. Its much healthier than going off body weight.

What are the prizes?
For each category 1st place will recieven a $300 NXTGEN voucher, 2nd place $100 NXTGEN voucher, 3rd $50 voucher

What happens after the challenge?
We are not the type of company to just leave you after the 10 weeks, after the challenge we provide you with a maintenance plan to follow in between challenges.

How many do you run a year?
We run 2, One at the start of the year which will start roughly start of February and go for 10 weeks and the other at the end of the year to start around September and finish late November.

This all sounds great, how do I sign up?
To see more results and sign up Its easy just click this link to secure your spot in the nxtgen challenge click here