Zombie Labs Pumpz

Flavour: Passion Mango Mayhem
Sale price$69.95


Experience unparalleled pumps with this unique blend, providing everything you need for an epic session without jitters or overstimulation. Enhance focus, alertness, mood, and motivation without crashes, and reduce lactic acid build-up to combat fatigue and soreness. 


This epic blend will take your training to the next level with longer, heavier and more reps and experience pumps like never before, thanks to these ingredients... 

  • Hyperdosed with 16 powerful ingredients providing an epic 20 g serve 
  • Beyond Pumps with 7000 mg of Citrulline Malate, Amentoflavone & 4200 mg of Beta Alanine 
  • Increase Nitric Oxide (NO2) by 230% with the power of S7® a trademarked clinically proven vasodilating blend 
  • Get swole with a precise combination of Potassium Citrate and Himalayan Pink Salt 
  • Enhance your natural response to dopamine and adrenaline with Alpinia Galanga 
  • Increase focus, mood, and motivation by boosting natural Phenylethylamine (PEA) levels 
  • Support blood flow to the brain and cognitive function with CoffeeBerry® and Huperzine 
  • Increase calcium ion channel activation and muscle fibre recruitment with amentoflavone 
  • Support the natural production of Adrenaline and Dopamine with Tyrosine, Phenylalanine and Co-factors 

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