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Flavour: Chocolate Milkshake
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For those looking to pack on some serious mass, Mass by Magic Sports Nutrition is a high-calorie protein powder that has been formulated using a variety of ingredients to increase your calorie intake and your daily dose of protein. This high calorie blend isn’t just loaded with carbohydrates and fats, this gainer has a 2:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein so it’s perfect for mass gains without unwanted fat. High in protein and carbs, plus creatine and digestive enzymes, Magic Mass is ideal for those times you can’t squeeze in a whole food meal but you’re looking for a high-quality, balanced mix that’s easy to digest and suitable to have at work, post-training or throughout the day.

By combining Magic Mass with a diet and exercise regime tailored to your specific body composition goals, you will notice changes to your physique in a short amount of time and if you stick to your program, these changes will continue indefinitely. Each serving contains 25g of protein, 60g of carbohydrates, only 1.8g of fat and 404 calories so all you’ll need to worry about is choosing between 2 delicious flavours: Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Soft Serve.

If you’re struggling to put on some size or simply looking for a delicious meal replacement powder while still watching your macros, Magic Mass is an easily digestible gainer that is perfect for the job!

Benefits of using Mass by Magic Sports Nutrition:
  • High protein, high carbohydrate mass gainer
  • Contains 5g of creatine
  • Added digestive enzymes so no bloating
  • 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein
  • 400 calories, 35g protein, 60g carbs and 1.8g fat 

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