Red Dragon Nutrition Dragon Fuel

Flavour: Red Frog
Serving Size: 30 Serve
Sale price$69.95


Ready for your greatest gym performance yet? Then you’re in the right place. Your muscles need the best supplements to provide the recovery and hydrations, for you to go further than ever before. Get ready for Dragon Fuel by Red Dragon Nutraceuticals; it’s here to help you max out your session for better results every time!

When you hit the gym hard, you will experience an amount of nutrient depletion out of your body. When paired with calorie restriction especially, you may experience muscle wastage and a lack of hydration. This is where Dragon Fuel by Red Dragon Nutraceuticals comes to save the day! It’s carefully designed for your essential amino acid needs, every single day. With an added hydration formula, you can make sure you feel great while you’re crushing your workouts.

To become the best version of yourself, you must source the best quality ingredients out there. Dragon Fuel by Red Dragon Nutraceuticals contains a comprehensive 5g blend of essential amino acids, so your muscles get the fuel they need to excel. With necessary electrolytes from coconut water, Himalayan rock salt, magnesium glycinate and calcium citrate, your cells will be hydrated and ready to give you lasting energy. By having Dragon Fuel by Red Dragon Nutraceuticals in combination with your recovery and exercise program, you’ll be putting yourself in the ideal position for ultimate gains.

By using the Dragon Fuel by Red Dragon Nutraceuticals, you’ll experience:
  • Prevention of the breakdown of hard-won muscle
  • Exercise recovery support
  • Greater energy to smash your workouts
  • Better muscle recovery to come back stronger every time
  • Assistance for muscle gain over the long term
  • The replenishment of electrolytes lost during sweat and training
  • A delicious formula to enjoy any time!

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