Faction Labs Deficit Clinical fat burner

Flavour (40 serves): Mango Nectar
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There are so many reasons to shred! Deficit from Faction Labs is here to cater for all the reasons. Sometimes it's as simple as just wanting to lose a little bit of extra weight, it could be that you are an experienced bodybuilder and you have been loading and are ready to strip to the desired leanness. Whatever the reason, Faction Labs is supporting you to get your body fat into a deficit!

We can find ourselves smashing the gym as hard as we feel possible, seeing improvements in muscle mass and even within our cardiovascular endurance. Although the effort is there, we find that our body fat can be the negative result of feeding our bodies (too much) to put us through this exertion. Even the continuous overexertion can tell our bodies we need more and more food to keep up the energy levels. There are a lot of complex ways to decipher our bodies ins and outs, but Faction Labs Thermogenic Activator Deficit is here to alleviate the complication.

Deficit aims to help minimise food cravings by supporting metabolic function, elevating your mood and enhancing mental clarity. This is a 100% open formula, meaning there is nothing hidden and the ingredients are scientifically proven.

  • Cutting edge formula.
  • Latest scientifically proven ingredients.
  • Increase energy & metabolism.
  • Boost thermogenesis.

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Michael Ryan
Fantastic product

Top quality product, great pumps and energy

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