Faction Labs Bulge

Flavour: Plain Jane
Sale price$59.95


There’s a new pre-workout in town and this one’s looking to make a BIG difference! BULGE by Faction Labs is here to give you all the assistance you need while you’re trying to kill your next big PR, all without the stimulants. This potent vasodilator promises superior nutrient transport and nitric oxide production. Featuring a one or two scoop ingredient panel, BULGE contains a host of scientifically validated ingredients to help you achieve in the gym without feeling wired or restless come bed time. A blend of vasodilators, creatine for strength and added focus from Tyrosine to top it off.

When using BULGE we recommend taking the two scoop path to really maximise your endurance and pumps during your session. Taking pre-workout BULGE will assist with:

  • Minimising fatigue.
  • Maximising vasodilation and nutrient delivery.
  • Increased focus and concentration.
  • Bigger lifts.
  • Added creatine to promote explosiveness and power.
  • Can be added to your DISORDER pre-workout for a fully loaded pre!

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