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Supplements for Beginners

Muscle Gain

Stepping into a supplement store for the first time can be a scary and daunting experience. This guide is here to help take the guesswork out of supplementation and keep your hard earned cash in your pocket by offering you a simple beginner stack to help with muscle gain. Please note it is important to check with your doctor before starting any supplement and training program. This article is based on our opinion.​


A pre-workout supplement is designed to help give the user increased energy, muscle pumps and mental focus. It is important as a beginner to not go for the strongest stimulant based pre-workout supplement as this can wreak havoc on your body.

Aim for one of the three listed here which are on the lower end of stimulant but offer more mental focus and muscle pumps, which as a beginner is much more important than being jacked off your head on stimulants.


BCAAs help prevent muscle breakdown while you train. BCAA’s don’t require digestion and can get straight into the muscle cell to do their work.

For best use mix one serve with water and consume during training. You can also mix a serve with water and sip on it during the day to help with recovery.


Keep your protein simple. Choose a WPI or a WPC/WPI and consumer post workout, with water. This can also be taken first thing in the morning or before bed to add additional protein into your day.

If you’re struggling with gaining weight you can also look at a mass gainer protein to help add additional calories into your day.