Impact Supplements Swole AF

Flavour: Blue Drops
Sale price$79.95


Introducing the highly anticipated stimulant-free pre workout SwoleAF!

Our caffeine-free SwoleAF Pre Workout supplement is packed with scientifically proven ingredients that increase blood flow, vasodilation, and deliver a tremendous PUMP! 

This product is perfect for getting swole without the jitters of stimulant based pre trainers. 

We’ve added nootropics (aka brain fuel) Alpha GPC Nootropics and Choline Bitartrate for extreme focus and will power.

L-Citrulline increases blood flow, energy, endurance, and improves cognition with the added vasodilation from Agmatine. 

For SwoleAF results, Betaine Anhydrous and Glycersize improve hydration, stimulate water-based pumps, and maximize power.

Can’t stop, won’t stop; Beta-Alanine enhances muscular endurance and reduces muscle fatigue.

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that drives focus & performance, turning into dopamine and adrenaline for the ultimate stimulant-free rush.

You will notice a difference in your training when used regularly!

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