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Using clinically validated ingredients, Magic Pre will help take your workouts to the next level without the come down or crash – you’ll feel like you can train all day! If you’re looking to intensify your sessions while boosting your energy, enhancing cognitive function, and increasing your endurance, add a little Magic Pre to your life and the results will speak for themselves.

With the inclusion of specifically selected ingredients, you’ll assist your body by increasing endurance and supporting your muscles as they recover too. Each ingredient has been designed to increase your energy and performance while keeping you laser focused, set after set. With the addition of botanical ingredients, Magic Pre can help the body’s response to stress, fatigue, and mild anxiety. By improving your mood and memory, your general wellbeing is improved. 

By combining Magic Pre with a diet and exercise regime tailored to your specific body composition goals, you’ll help your body build muscle, improve your performance and endurance so that you are gym ready and pumped up! When you take your supplement is super important too. Make sure you consume your Magic Pre around 30 minutes before you train.

Benefits of taking Pre by Magic Sports Nutrition:
  • Improve focus and alertness
  • Increase performance and energy
  • Improve mood, memory, and overall well being
  • Enhance each workout with improved endurance and strength  
Active Ingredients:
  • Caffeine
  • Cell Charge
  • Rhodiola Rosa
  • Creatine HCL

Customer Reviews

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Michael Geammal
Magic Pre

Smooth pre with good energy & focus, other brands have made me feel sick at times however this never has.
Since working out with Magic Pre my intensity of training has gone up 15/20%.

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