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Flavour: Mango Kiwi
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Iconic Ultra Thermogenic has been formulated to bring you the ultimate in energy, performance, and results! 

Iconic features scientifically tested ingredients that can assist in enhancing thermogenesis, which increases the body's core temperature and burns calories, promotes fat loss, and decreases water retention.

Carnitine (aka L-carnitine) is critical for energy production by transporting fatty acids to be burned for fuel.

Gamma-Butyrobetaine (GBB for short) once oxidized can assist with mental cognition and cause the body to shred excess water through intense  sweating. 

In addition to GBB we’ve added L-tyrosine & Alpha GPC Nootropics to heighten your focus during intense sessions.

Impact Supplement’s Iconic stimulant thermogenic decreases water retention with the help of diuretics like juniper berry, cleansing your body of toxins, and exiting in the form of sweat and urine.

Cortisol (the stress hormone) can play a major role in storing fatty deposits. 

Iconic has added ashwagandha, a natural herb containing L-theanine which balances the stimulant and lowers cortisol.

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