Oxyshred Hardcore


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Take fat burning to a whole new level with the all new OXYSHRED HARDCORE!

If you want a product with more kick than the original Oxyshred, Then strap yourself in because this is for you!

Formulated with strong ingredients to burn stubborn fat and help promote a leaner more toned physique.

Each scoop of Oxyshred Hardcore Ultra Concentration has:
  • 1750mg of Fat Mobilisation Matrix, which will help to incinerate fat as it will transport fat cell into the mitochondria to convert fat into energy.
  • 315.01mg of Hardcore Beta 3 Thermogenic Matrix, which will help to increase body temperature to activate fat burning properties without increasing blood pressure or heart rate.
  • 1030mg of Nootropic Focus Cognitive Booster, which will help overall focus, mood elevation and cognitive function.
  • 750mg of Immunity Booster Prebiotic, which will help to improve the immune system so you can fight off bacteria and viruses easily.
  • 24.59mg of Full B Vitamin Spectrum, which will prevent vitamin deficiency.


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