Mr Hyde Extreme pre workout

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ProSupps HYDE is back, and more XTREME than ever with Hyde Xtreme! features a fully disclosed, unique formula, packed with 325mg of caffeine for hard-hitting energy and sustained focus. This formula is further powered by key ingredients like Beta Alanine, Citrulline and Arginine to deliver the most intense workout experience with Xtreme pumps, strength and power. Perfect for anyone looking to level

325mg Caffeine Anhydrous
Potentiates skeletal muscle force, work & power, helps improve motor learning/memory, improves fatty acid oxidation and can enhance metabolic rate (calorie burn).

3,200mg Beta Alanine
Increased training endurance, delayed onset muscle fatigue, increased power output and recovery rate.

3,000mg L-Citrulline
Reduces exercise fatigue onset and increases aerobic/ anaerobic training capacity.

1,500mg Taurine
Helps maintain hydration and electrolyte balance as well as improve overall blood flow and cell volumisation.

1,000mg Arginine AKG
Helps increase blood arginine levels which supports nitric oxide production for optimised blood flow.

750mg L-Tyrosine
L-Tyrosine – Helps support healthy cognition & stress management.

200mg Lions Mane Mushroom Extract
From the mushroom family and named by its appearance, it contains several bioactive compounds that have been suggested to improve cognition and focus.

5mg Black Pepper Extract
Helps promote enhanced product utilisation, when paired with many active ingredients.

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