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When you regularly take Krush by IN2 Performance, you’ll:

Have a high stimulant pre-workout
Have muscle pump supporting ingredients
Get energy to crush your hardest sessions
Feel focused and with the drive to achieve your ideal body composition goals
Support the blood flow to your hard-working muscles
Have an open-label formula
Get no crash
Get your Krush by IN2 Performance right now and be fearless in the pursuit of your goals. Glory is yours when you have the power of this high-stim pre-workout! All you need to do is mix one serving with 400-800ml of water 20 minutes before your workout. Remember to use this potent pre workout together with your individualised diet and training program to see the best results.

In each serve of Krush by IN2 Performance, you’ll find:

30mg Niacin
Viking Performance Blend
4,000mg L-Citrulline
3,200mg Beta-Alanine
1,000mg Agmatine Sulfate
1,000mg L-Tyrosine
500mg Betaine Nitrate
300mg Alpha GPC
320mg Caffeine Anhydrous
200mg English Walnut Extract
100mg DiCaffeine Malate
100mg Theacrine
30mg Hordenine
30mg Bitter Orange Extract
5mg Bioperine

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