International Protein Extreme Mass 4kg


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Product Information

  • What is it?

    A nutrient rich formulation, including 5 types of protein, a unique selection of complex carbohydrates and a healthy blend of Canola and Sunflower oils with fast burning MCT Oils, puts the emphasis on ensuring the body maintains a highly anabolic state to maximise extreme mass and size gains.

  • What Does it do?

    Provides lean mass gain or overall muscle and weight gain.


  • How Long does it take to work?

    Aligned with a healthy diet, and exercise, the effects of added protein and carbohydrate intake should be noticed within the first few weeks.

    Results WILL vary.

  • Video Review

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  • Nutritional Panel
    Serving Size: 100g

    Ave Qty
    Per 100g Serve

    Ave Qty
    Per 100g Serve with 500mL Low Fat milk

    Energy 1793 kJ
    429 Cal
    2817 kJ
    674 Cal
    Protein 42.5 g 62.5g
    – Total
    – Saturated
    – Trans
    – Polyunsaturated
    – Monounsaturated
    9.4 g
    4.7 g
    0.1 g
    2.6 g
    2.0 g
    14.4 g
    7.7 g
    0.2 g
    2.7 g
    3.2 g
    – Total
    – Sugars
    – Lactose
    42.5 g
    9.0 g
    1.7 g
    71.5 g
    38.0 g
    30.7 g
    Dietary Fibre LESS THAN 1g LESS THAN 1 g
    Sodium 135 mg 385 mg
    Potassium 300 mg 600 mg
    Calcium 240 mg (30% RDI) 940 mg
    MCT Oils 2.8 g 2.8 g
  • Product Review

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