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The amount of Men and Women struggling with hormonal imbalance is at epidemic
levels so the market for ESTRO SWITCH™ will be large and varied. We expect this
product to be one of our biggest sellers of all time.
As a side note here are some common symptoms of estrogen dominance…
• Irritability & moodiness
• Depression & anxiousness
• Acne & rosacea (especially on the face, neck, chin, and jaw line)
• Unexplained weight gain (especially around belly, hips, thigh, butt, breast
and back of arms)
• Digestive issues and bloating
• Poor quality sleep & fatigue
• Low libido & fatigue
• Fluid retention
• Sugar cravings
• Heavy and sometimes painful periods
• Cramping & headaches
• Hair loss or hair thinning
• Blood clots, bruising
• Infertility

The causes of hormone imbalance in Men and Women are multifactorial and require
a comprehensive approach which ESTRO SWITCH™ will provide.

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