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Product Information

  • What Is it?

    A natural and potent anabolic simulator.

  • What Does it do?

    First, bound testosterone must be freed from its inhibitory binding partner: sex hormone binding globulin. Second, free testosterone must also be boosted, independent of SHBG reduction. Third, we make sure to induce IGF-1 – a potent growth hormone. Fourth, myostatin is inhibited, since myostatin inhibits muscle growth. Fifth, we utilize activators of muscle protein synthesis. This multi-stage approach ensures that every major hormonal pathway is fine-tuned to stimulate long-lasting, maximal muscle growth!

    • Zinc and Boron – essential minerals that lower SHBG, so that bound testosterone can be freed and active
    • Vitamins B6 and D3 – essential vitamins that increase free testosterone
    • Maslinic acid – a compound from olives that boosts IGF-1 production
    • Epicatechin – found in dark chocolate, this catechin inhibits myostatin while activating its opposite: follistatin
    • Laxogenin – a brassinosteroid which induces muscle protein synthesis
    • Bioperine – the bioactive activator that slows metabolism to make this formula long-lasting and more effective
  • When do I take it?

    One serving, 3 capsules in the AM.

  • How Long does it take to work?

    Results will vary. Different effects such as strength and increase in muscle will be apparent within the first 2-3 weeks of supplementation.

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