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Our next 10 week challenge begins of the 1st Feb 2021, Registration is open now and will close 24th Jan 2021.

We have two payment options available

Option 1 registration fee, which includes everything the challenge has to offer!
Option 2 includes registration fee and a challenge starter pack. This is the choice of a Pre work out OR Fat burner + Choice of approved Protein valued at $140. A exclusive NxtGen Challenge T shirt valued at $49.95 and a shaker valued at $10

Our meal plans are created with accredited dietician Nicky Saliba. We provide meal plans tailored to your specific category for the duration of the 10 weeks (bulk, Lean muscle gain, comp ready and weight loss for both Male and female) We do have Vegetarian/Vegan options for those that require them. The diets will change on a weekly to fortnightly basis to ensure progress is constant and doesn’t become halted to staggered. We will also be providing maintenance plans to put in place after the challenge has finished for this that wish to continue their journeys.

Our challengers will receive exclusive access to our online community which is run through Facebook. This community is full of people from all walks of life but in the exact same boat. All working towards the ultimate goal of self improvement. The tips, hints, webinars and motivation you will find here are priceless.

Our team will be on hand providing support, encouragement and advice for the duration of the 10 weeks.

One of the best things about this challenge, when compared to huge national ones is the fact you have personal access to the challenge creators and we make ourselves welcome to answer your questions face to face, over the phone or in our closed group.

We are immensely passionate about providing and supportive, encouraging, fun and enjoyable atmosphere and community for all of our challengers.”

Its super easy to follow and has been designed for the “every day person” with SOOOO much variety in the meal plan!!

With all files being posted online, this means the challenge can be completed from anywhere in the world!

Secure your position now! click here to sign up

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About the challenge

So how does the challenge work?

Meal plans – Our diet is the star of the show, we are constantly praised for how easy it is to follow and the variety it offers. This isn’t a boring low calorie diet, It is updated every 2 weeks and we are in constant communication regarding changes and any other questions you might have. Each meal has between 2-4 options so you can mix things up week to week or day to day!
We also have vegan/veg diets

Training – We offer a variety of training plans to follow if you wish, or you can do your own training. If you’re moving and following our guidelines of weights/cardio we are happy.

Group sessions – Group sessions are super fun but not essential to complete or succeed in this challenge. Its more so a fun way to get people together have some fun and showcase/support local gyms and trainers in the community.

Injuries – If you have an injury dont stress, You will know what you can and cant do and can still work around that. At the group sessions our professional trainers will ask before hand if there are any injuries and can work around them,

The facebook group – Everything to do with the challenge is posted within this super supportive facebook group meaning you can do this challenge wherever you are in the world! On top of the diets and training plans we also upload tips, live seminars and a whole lot more! If you dont have facebook in previous challenges people have simply created a dummy profile for the challenge only and then deleted after the 10 weeks.

Post challenge – So what happens when the challenge is over? We want you to keep on the path of living a healthier life so we provide you with a maintenance plan so you can guide yourself post challenge. You’ll also be added into our community page which has all of our ex challengers and offers you first hand info on whats happening with NXTGEN!

The biggest thing is dont over think it.. follow the plan, get moving, trust the process and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!

So what are you waiting for! Click here to join us!