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826 days ago | by dev

Stay on track this winter!

Yep, We know how hard it is to stay on track during the winter months…

The days get shorter, the mornings colder and you are covered up in layers of comfortable clothes.


Did you know it is actually THE BEST time to start a plan of being in shape for that “Summer body”?

8 is the magic number…Here’s why!

Forming a habit

On average it takes 8 weeks to form a habit. In that 8 weeks there will be days and sometimes weeks where you “fall off the wagon” slowing your progress.

If we started right now on a diet and exercise plan that would already put us into the start of August before our efforts of exercise, diet and supplementation became second nature to us and became a part of our day to day lives and in turn start to make some real progress.

This leaves us with plenty of room to make progress before the weather starts warming up around October.

Steady Progress

We are all a little impatient when it comes to things we want, especially when it comes to our bodies.

Did you know noticeable weight loss and muscle gains will take approximately eight weeks to see, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t see them immediately… slow and steady wins the race.

On top of this it can take around 6-12 weeks for your metabolism (the amount of calories you body can burn) to really kick in. This is important for both fat loss and muscle gain.

Head Start

Most people will start a “Summer Body” campaign around October and if we apply the above rules this would lead them into December before their efforts became second nature and before they see new but noticeable results, sparking the flame to continue.

While this is great and progress is amazing there’s a couple of problems the first is your bodies metabolism will only just be starting to kick into gear meaning it wont take much to slow it back down again and the second and major problem is the “Festive Season”, Christmas parties, Christmas, New Year and time off work and put an end to those plans of this being your summer, and again if we apply the above rules it would mean if we started again in late January/Feb it would be March/April before we had re-ignited the flame and once again we are coming into the colder and harder winter months, and so the cycle continues.

Want to change but Feeling Lost?

That is more than ok, we are here to help! Our mission is to help you make a lifestyle of healthy foods, Training and supplementation as we know how beneficial it can be for not only your physical health but also your mental health.

We have constructed a very easy to follow 8 week winter meal plan, split up into 3 phases which is available for download immediately once the item has been purchased.

This meal plan is extremely easy to follow and consists of quick healthy meals with enough calories to not leave you about to crack come day one!

And like anything we offer at NXT-GEN Nutrition our team is only a email or phone call away should you have any questions.

This plan will tie in perfectly coming into our next 10 week challenge kicking off in October.


We hope this helps spark a flame within you!!

Check them out here!


Team NXT-GEN Nutrition