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353 days ago | by dev

5 Must Do’s for Fitness Results

1. You Must Set a Goal

Having a goal is very important when starting your fitness journey. This will keep your focus until you reach the end. Once you have reached your goal, you will feel proud and have a feeling of accomplishment.

2. Do Some Research

Researching is important as it allows you to gather knowledge on which types of training, nutrition and supplements are best suited to your needs, goals and body composition.

3. Focus on Your Form and Technique

It is important to focus on using the correct form and technique to prevent injury. This tends to happen with beginners as they do not use the right lifting techniques. We recommend asking a professional to show you or YouTube the correct lifting techniques.

4. Have Adequate Rest Days

We believe it is beneficial to have 1-2 days off per week from your training program. This will allow your body sufficient rest to help with recovery and repair. Weight training or any exercise in excess can put strain on your central nervous system. This unfortunately can lead to muscle injury or sickness.

5. Stay Consistent

Just remember results don’t happen overnight! It is important to keep consistent with your training and let your body adapt to changes. Don’t give up!